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A privacy-first suite of applications for all your podcasting needs

Dovetail from PRX helps producers grow, monetize, and sustain their podcasts to succeed in today’s open podcast ecosystem.

Dovetail averages 70 million downloads per month from over 260 podcasts.

Manage Your Content with Ease

Effortlessly upload and describe your work in our content management system, and watch your podcast be delivered to listeners everywhere.

  • Multiple Feed Structures, including private feeds
  • Preview audio with ads stitched in before publishing
  • Manage content with titles, tags, and keywords
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Metrics that Matter

Use Dovetail’s metrics dashboard to see audience impact by showing all the unique downloads for podcast audio from every platform and player.

  • Near Real-Time Updates: data available within minutes of a new download
  • Granular Data: Track individual episodes and data across a series of episode releases, with comparisons to all-time stats
  • Episode Forecasts: See into the future with episode-level forecasts
  • IAB 2.1 certified
Screenshot of podcast analytics in Dovetail from PRX

Exceptional Ad Inventory Management

Our dynamic audio stitching tool seamlessly weaves sponsorship messages and highly produced audio to create high-performance media for monetization.

  • Dynamic Ad Insertion: Run ads at any break in a show or as “bookend” at the time of user download
  • Targeting: Specify where the ads go by episode, show, network, vertical, topic/keyword, and geo-location
  • Real-time availability: Easily view real-time availability and sell thru rates for your podcasts, quickly unlocking your unused inventory
Screenshot of looking up ad inventory in Dovetail from PRX
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Built with listener privacy in mind

PRX is taking the lead in establishing standards that ensure the safety of audiences while maximizing revenue opportunities.

Why should you care about privacy?

  • Mission: Trust is a two-way street. Public media's ability to thrive depends on the trust our listeners place in us. Using personal data without permission violates that trust.
  • Compliance: Privacy regulations are strengthening, not weakening. It is essential for content creators to be ready.
  • Technology: Big tech companies like Apple are taking a stand on privacy and will force others to do the same. PRX is an active leader in building values-based technology on behalf of all of our partners.

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