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Dovetail For Public Media Stations

We believe strong public media is amplified by innovative technology, which is a core reason why we built best-in-class tools for podcast publishing, distribution, and advertising, specifically for public media use.

“Dovetail is one way we can contribute to helping public radio to fortify its mission, values, and independence, giving organizations the option to distribute their podcast programming on a trusted platform that is also owned and operated by public media.”

Public Media Stations Partnering with PRX

Major public media organizations and stations trust PRX’s platform to publish their podcasts.

Self-Service Podcast Distribution for Stations

Whether you already publish podcasts or are just exploring podcasting, consider Dovetail for your podcast distribution needs.

PRX’s platform is built on the trusted values of public media. With PRX, you can maximize your revenue without compromising our mission.

“We built Dovetail to maximize revenue, preserve an open podcast ecosystem, and protect listener privacy. To be independent and sustainable, public media and podcasters need powerful tools backed by supportive partners. As a mission-driven organization specializing in technology, PRX is committed to meeting those needs. Together we build trusted relationships with listeners by respecting their time, attention, and especially their privacy.”

Pricing for Stations

PRX is committed to affordability and accessibility. Pricing scales to users’ needs, and users may select either full-service or self-service options.

We offer several competitive pricing options to fit the needs of organization of all sizes:


  • In-depth assistance and onboarding with PRX
  • Partnership with the public media sponsorship firm Market Enginuity and the PRX team to help traffic ads


  • Sell and run your own ads while enjoying the full benefits of Dovetail

Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll help determine the best pricing.

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Dovetail is built on public media trust and values

For public media to retain its mission, values, and independence, it’s crucial that we continue to ‘own the rails.’ As a trusted public media organization and technology innovator, PRX can help.

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