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Dovetail provides producers with a seamless podcast publishing experience while optimizing monetization opportunities.

Save time and increase revenue with Dynamic Ad Insertion

Dovetail’s dynamic ad insertion feature seamlessly stitches sponsorship messages into produced audio at any break in your show.

Content and Feed Management with ease

Producer tools for episode uploads and feed management

Screenshot of Multiple Feeds form

Multiple Feeds

Customize RSS feeds for your audience to support multiple business models.

  • Private Ad-free feeds
  • Bonus Content
  • Subscription service support
Screenshot of Production Calendar

Production Calendar

Maximize your revenues by planning your episode drops/seasons ahead of time.

  • Bulk Episode Scheduler
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Clearly communicates upcoming episodes

Flexible Show Structures

Adjust your show structure on an episode by episode basis.

  • Add new ad zones
  • Monetize back catalogs
  • Ad-free episodes
Screenshot of the PRX embeddable player

Embeddable Player

Easily take your audio with you using the PRX embeddable player.

Real-time data to understand your audience

One of podcasting's biggest pain points is accessing data and metrics that inform strategic goals. Dovetail provides a solution.

Screenshot of Downloads dashboard

Downloads that matter

Learn where, how, and when audiences are listening to your programming in real-time.

  • IAB 2.1 Compliant
  • Drop date comparison
  • Analyze across geography, device, and podcast app
Screenshot of Unique Listener Metrics dashboard

Unique Listener Metrics

Understand how your listener base changes over time.

  • IAB 2.1 Compliant
  • 7 vs 30 day windows
  • Rolling-vs-calendar rollups

Sell with confidence using Predictive Ad Inventory Management

Understand your inventory with best in class inventory management. Learn more in our blog post.

screenshot of a forecast in Dovetail


An accurate download forecast is integral to fulfilling your sales and campaign goals.

  • Download prediction by day, episode, keyword, device, app, zone, country, subdiv, metro, state/province/territory
  • Sets ad inventory levels
  • Adjusts daily
screenshot of campaign and flight entry in Dovetail

Campaign Management

Quickly add new IOs and segment them as needed.

  • Flight ads by targets
  • Modify priorities
  • Near real time availability as you input
screenshot of availability search in Dovetail


Reports on forecasted inventory as well as historical performance.

  • Search availability across shows
  • Build your own campaign reports
  • Simulate 100 download requests, to ensure you know what combinations of ads will be served on an episode
Screenshot of category blockers in Dovetail

Privacy forward Programmatic

Fill remnant ad inventory by hooking into privacy forward ad-exchanges

  • VAST tag support in creative library
  • Brand Safety

Privacy is a feature, not a limitation

PRX is a mission-driven and privacy-first technology organization, with data privacy built into everything we create. Nothing is more valuable than the trust of our listeners, supporters, and users.

We built Dovetail to uphold the highest standards of privacy in how we serve shows and sponsorship to listeners while still implementing complex, dynamic, and programmatic ad tech.

Even as they grow and strengthen, we will remain ahead of privacy laws and regulations around the world, leading rather than implementing the bare minimum.

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