Note: This press release was originally posted on PRX’s company blog.

Non-profit public media organization PRX is pleased to share the update that its Dovetail podcast publishing and monetization platform is IAB Podcast Measurement 2.1 certified. As an IAB Tech Lab compliant podcast distributor to date, now, this additional step of certification underscores PRX’s commitment to ensuring Dovetail from PRX remains trusted by independent audio producers and advertisers alike into the future.

Launched in 2015 and used by public media producers and leading independent media creators, Dovetail from PRX is fueled by values such as trust, quality, and privacy, providing producers with best-in-class post-production tools for content management, analytics, and scalable dynamic advertising.

Developed by the IAB Tech Lab, The Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines were created with the intent to establish uniform metrics for audience measurement in podcasting. Three aspects of Dovetail from PRX are now IAB Tech Lab certified: downloads on the platform, ad impression metrics, and PRX’s embeddable open source web player for audio.

Audio producers interested in learning more about Dovetail are invited to contact PRX, here. PRX announced an update to Dovetail for PRX in 2022, including innovative features for ad inventory management and forecasting.

IAB Tech Lab Verified Seal

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