We recently shared an update that Dovetail from PRX — our best-in-class podcast publishing platform — is IAB Podcast Measurement 2.1 Certified. We’ve also previously shared Dovetail’s capabilities to empower producers with trusted post-production tools for content management, real-time data and analytics, and scalable dynamic advertising.

We’re pleased to share another exciting update: producers may now create multiple RSS feeds within Dovetail, increasing the ways podcasts may be distributed and monetized.

RSS feeds simplify the process of distributing podcast episodes to various platforms and directories. With an RSS feed, podcasters can syndicate their content to popular podcast platforms, allowing listeners to access their episodes with ease. This streamlined distribution process eliminates the need for manual uploads and submissions to individual platforms, saving time for producers.

Screenshot of Dovetail's multiple feeds feature

There are several compelling use cases for the multiple feeds feature within Dovetail:

  • Integration with a Podcast Subscription Service — By creating separate feeds within Dovetail, podcasters can seamlessly integrate with podcast subscription services such as Supercast or Supporting Cast (Note: support for Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is forthcoming). This allows producers to provide exclusive content or bonus episodes to their subscribed members, offering a unique value proposition to their loyal audiences.
  • Private Ad-Free Feeds for Platforms or Networks — By creating a dedicated feed without advertisements, podcasters can establish partnerships with platforms or networks that prioritize an ad-free listening experience.
  • Special Feeds for Bonus Content — Dovetail’s multiple feeds feature enables podcasters to set up feeds dedicated solely to bonus content. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes interviews, extended episodes, or exclusive interviews, these special feeds provide an additional avenue to engage dedicated listeners.
  • Content Windowing — Podcasters may utilize Dovetail’s multiple feeds feature to implement content windowing strategies. By delaying the release of specific episodes in certain feeds, podcasters can provide early access or exclusive content to select listeners or partners.

By leveraging the multiple feeds feature within Dovetail, podcasters can explore these use cases or implement tailored distribution strategies catering to the needs and preferences of their audiences and partners.

We invite you to visit our help docs to learn more about how to set up multiple RSS feeds for your podcast. Audio producers interested in Dovetail are also invited to contact PRX, here.

Note: This article was originally posted on PRX’s company blog.